Many people ask me why I am using PostgreSQL.  I tell them I've been using it for many years and found it to be much better than MySQL is many ways back in those days. Today MySQL has caught up on most fronts and PostgreSQL has gotten the led out and is much faster than ever before. The full details are here [] and the interesting [history is here].

It used to be that MySQL didn't have support for transactions and rollbacks, stored procedures, triggers, or referential integrity and much more.  From what I hear these issues are resolved in the current versions, however back when I needed these features PostgreSQL provided me the solution.  Plus the power and speed is phenomenal.  I see no reason to switch to any other ORDBMS now or any time in the future.

All of my sites that I host are using PostgreSQL.  This blog and my political blog are BlogCFC blogs which I modified to use PostgreSQL.  The conversion was pretty simple.  There are only a few things that are a bit different.  For the most part PostgreSQL is ANSI-SQL 92/99 compliant. uses PostgreSQL more than the blog sites.  It gets much more traffic and has music searching functions.  One thing I wrote in SQL is my own results ranking for music searches.  The ranking SQL I wrote is a bit primitive as it is my first venture into this type of SQL programming, but PostgreSQL handles it perfectly.  PostgreSQL 8.3 comes with some sort of built-in ranking functionality.  I need to investigate that.

At a previous employer we ran ColdFusion 5 against an earlier version (7.3) of PostgreSQL for our production websites.  We converted a massive MS SQL 97 (Yeah, this was many years ago.) DB to PostgreSQL.  The performance boost was huge.  ColdFusion had no issues with the PosgreSQL db drivers.  Today I run ColdFusion 8.01 on my Mac Book Pro against PostgreSQL 8.1 (on the same Mac) as my development setup.  Again there are no issues between ColdFusion and PostgreSQL. 

What else can I say, PostgreSQL is fast, powerful, full featured, FREE and ANSI-SQL compliant [].  It runs on Mac OSX, Linux, FreeBSD, Solaris, Windows and connects natively to ColdFusion and BlueDragon.  Their documentation is exceptional and there are many books available.  Also included is a PL/SQL language and the ability to add in PERL, C++, TCL/TK and much more. 

And before I forget, there is the PGAdmin tool that gives you a GUI management console and query anylizer. 

PostgreSQL also has enterprise support from EnterpriseDB.

See who else is using PostgreSQL.