Last night I upgraded my MacBook Pro from Leopard to Snow Leopard.  I used the upgrade method instead of the clean install.  So far I cannot tell that anything is different.  This really does look and feel like an under the hood upgrade.  At this point I have not dug into Snow Leopard UI changes, but I have been testing software.

I've had PostgreSQL 8.3 installed on Leopard via MacPorts. Now that Snow Leopard is installed I just fired up PostgreSQL and it runs perfectly. I didn't have to do anything as far as reinstalling or fixing. Just after installing Snow Leopard I installed Xcode which is on the Snow Leopard DVD in the extras folder (I think that was the folder). I am not sure if that was needed to make PostgreSQL work, but I do know it is needed to install MacPorts in general because Xcode provides the GCC compiler.

Also, pgAdmin3 v1.10.0 is working just fine on Snow Leopard. I was able to reconnect to my PostgreSQL databases on my MacBook Pro as well as my production server. All on my data on the MacBook Pro was saved.

Next step is to check out my ColdFusion 8 server and Apache installs.