One of the first things you may need to do after installing ColdFusion Builder (or Flash Builder) in setup SVN. My personal preference is the Subversive Plugin. Prior to importing any projects I recommend installing the Subversive plug in and getting it setup with an SVN connector. Doing this first will make importing any existing previous version CFBuilder projects or existing SVN Checkouts much easier to import and get re-connected.

I am blogging this because the great Ray Camden, the ColdFusionJedi, was tweeting for help today with this subject and the Subversive plugin. This is what we figured out. Not all SVN Connectors are equal, use SVNKit. Below is how to install Subversive and the SVNKit connector and why you should choose this connector.

You need to install the plugin first. On the Standalone version of ColdFusion Builder do the following:

Help | Install New Software in the menu. This will bring up the following dialog box.

Click Add... and enter this URL for ColdFuison Builder 2 "" and click OK.
NOTE: If you are using the plugin version or a newer version of ColdFusion Builder make sure you use the correct Eclipse Repository Helios, Ingo, Juno, Kepler etc.

Now select the site you just chose and give ColdFusion Builder a few seconds to load the update site. Once it's loaded type SVN in the filter box. Check and install the three items that are shown; Subversive SVN Team Provider, Subversive SVN JDT Ignore Extensions, Subversive SVN Integration for the Mylyn Project. Click Next and when asked accept the licenses and if asked approve the installation of these plugins. Restart ColdFusion Builder when asked.

Upon restart you should be asked to install a SVN Connector. This is critical, you can't access a SVN without this. And as I found out today, when helping the ColdfFusionJedi, not all SVN Connectors are equal. Be sure to choose wisely Padawon. First off, make sure the connector you choose is compatible with the SVN server version. Some SVN servers are still 1.4.x while most should be 1.6.x. Next as Ray and I found, SVNKit works better. The Native JavaHL connector doesn't seem to want to auto connect to an SVN for an imported project that was already a SVN working copy. If you are on a Mac then you have no option but to install SVNKit because the JavaHL is native to Win32 only.

If for some reason the restart of ColdFusion Builder did not ask you to install a connector, simple switch the the SVN Perspective and this will force the prompt to install a connector. If you already install the JavaHL connector and you want to switch to SVNKit you can. Go to Help | Install Software and choose the new Update site that gets automatically added when you first added a connector. This update site is Now choose SVNKit and do the install. After the restart of ColdFusion Builder, goto Window | Preferences | Team| SVN and select the Connectors Tab. In the dialog change to the SVNKit connector.

Now when a you create a new project from a SVN working copy or Import an existing project that was already connected to the SVN, Subversive should automatically pick up on this and connect to the SVN Repository. You'll just need to provide your SVN login credentials.