I missed the official August 1st celebration, but then if you read the "About" section you'll get a glimpse of how I started with ColdFusion.

I've been a geek since I was a little kid. I had home electronics kits and built all sorts of things like crystal radios, buzzers, door bells, simple switching circuits etc. I also am cursed with "The Knack"

I got my hands on my first computer around 1982,it was a TI-99/4A.

I started by typing in code from PC Magazine and maybe BYTE and others that used to publish freeware source code in their magazines. All you had to do was type. While at Ely Memorial HS I was a machine shop shop-rat, normal classes bored me so I did shop classes because I at least got to make things. Our machine shop had a very early EMCO/5 CNC Lathe/Mill. I learned how to program it. The next year I took one of the first programming classes offered in the HS on the Apple IIe. I learned Apple BASIC in a matter of days. The next year (1986) I was off to Computer Repair school at a tech school then left turned into Bio-medical electronics (1988). I did that for a few years at a local hospital and in the Naval Reserves. But decided I really needed to do something more challenging. So around 1993 I started going back to school for Computer Science. In the fall of 1996 I was at Mankato State University (now Minnesota State) and I first learned HTML (along with boring things like C/C++, FORTRAN, Assembler, SQL and so forth). I also met a guy using Cold Fusion 1 and he was building the CS Department website. This website "talked" to a database which really intrigued me because a year earlier my father was trying to get an online store started and found it hard to believe there was no way to link an inventory spreadsheet or DB to a website. So I stuck Cold Fusion into my memory for later use. I started learning all I could about websites and I needed to edit websites and found this product called HomeSite. The "About" page covers my adventures there. Anyways, I became a member of Team Allaire, got my free copies of Cold Fusion 3 and started learning CFML. By the end of 1998 I had my first job doing ColdFusion.

Sendmygift.com was my first real programming job, first real online company and my first job as a senior programmer. Heck I was the only programmer, systems administrator, help desk, network engineer, phone system installer/programmer and cable puller (we had to wire the building for network and phone cables). I had help but they were not programmers. I was learning anything and everything ASAP. I setup the companies first server and first web server on NT4.0 with a MS Access DB. After installing ColdFusion my first ColdFusion app was up and running on the internet in a day. It was nothing more than a signup form to get a free gift and announce that Sendmygift.com was "coming soon". Of course the signups were databased and dumped into daily reports etc. Our designers made it pretty. I still don't do "pretty" very well. Over the course of the next 9 months or so we built the real Sendmygift.com and it actually launched with real products and real people to take orders and deal with customers. The company soon there after dot-bombed for many reasons that the owners and courts spent years arguing about.

However, the deal was sealed, I was a seasoned ColdFusion slash web application developer with lots of systems administration experience. I have spent the next 12 plus years building upon that and growing my skills in many aspects web application development and server administration. I'm still not a designer.