I just had the most wonderful experience with ColdFusion Builder 2 Update 1 Beta (officially 2.0.1 according to the About window). Recently I have been testing the new public beta on both my Mac and on Windows 7. I do 99% of my development work from my Mac and I need this for work no questions asked. One of the caveats with this new update is that is will not install along side ColdFusion Builder 2. It's an update after all so that makes sense. But you can have ColdFusion Builder 2 installed as a Standalone install and then install this update as a plugin to Eclipse on the same machine. This is how I did my initial testing and dutifully filed my bug reports. However, I wasn't going to replace ColdFusion Builder 2 with this beta just yet. I need to get paid! I can't afford down time.

Today (a lazy hanged over Saturday) I decided that I was ready to make the switch. I uninstalled the plugin version of the update, then uninstalled my trusty ColdFusion Builder 2. The installation notes I have claims that ColdFusion Builder 2 Update 1 can (and really should) use your existing workspace and it should keep your plugins installed from your previous ColdFusion Builder 2.

I am elated to report that this worked as advertised! Upon launching ColdFusion Builder 2.0.1 Beta I saw my previously opened files still opened. All my custom arrangement of tabs, windows etc still where I left them and my Subversive plugin was still there, in tact and still have my two dozen plus SVN Repository entries!

So from now on all my coding is going to be in Twister! Maybe this will grant me an excuse for my twisted codes! I do expect to run into issues, there are already known issues that the documentation points out and there are a few bugs. But then again this is still BETA ( Buggy Erratic Temperamental Application).

Many thanks to the Adobe ColdFusion Developer Team!

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