According to an article on Mac Rumors Apple is releasing OS X Mountain Lion today! I don't see it in the App Store yet.

I bring this up because of Adobe and their complete inability to bring current software to the latest OS X version. Will ColdFusion 10 run on Mountain Lion? Why would I expect it to? Adobe could not be bothered to get ColdFusion 9 working correctly on OS X Lion. Most of the work I do is for client on ColdFusion 9 and even ColdFusion 8. Thus upgrading my OS to take advantage of new features and software is always held back by Adobe. Will we have to wait for ColdFusion 11 as Adobe told us to wait for ColdFusion 10 if we wanted to run on OS X Lion.

How about ColdFusion Builder? Will this run on OS X Mountain Lion? This OS version has been in the works for a while and was announced many months ago. Yet Adobe is silent about their products.

The Roaring Apps website is doing a great job in getting user reports on what works with Lion and Mountain Lion. Not many Adobe products showing up as working.

Either I give up my Mac or I give up Adobe. Sorry Adobe, you're losing!

Adobe we are waiting for you to do something, anything correctly.