First of all I want to thank everyone for all the support, prayers, thoughts that so many have been sending me. This really helps with my spirits. For a while I had zero hope. Next, I am in the process of getting a second opinion. It takes several visits, new sets of tests, scans, and meeting with multiple doctors. So it is a process and takes time.

I live in Minnesota and I'm just over an hour away from the Mayo Clinic. I was able to get a referral to the Mayo where their oncology department has doctors and surgeons that specialize in this exact form of cancer. So far the oncologist that I've seen knows nothing about this form of cancer. The surgeon I saw does specialize in this cancer, but the doctor at the Mayo wasn't impressed. More on that in a bit. This past week I was seen at the Mayo and got newer information. I was there for the whole day and I spent hours in their cancer research center where I was able to read medical journal articles that I cannot get online without expensive subscriptions. The staff made copies of these articles for me to take home. They really are awesome here and I found some wonderful information.

The oncologist I saw at the Mayo is the head of the department and specializes in this form of cancer. He was not impressed with the previous diagnosis and thinks that this is treatable with both chemo and surgery. Thats right, he thinks this might be operable and he has already set me up to see their surgeon. He also scheduled a MRI because the CT and PET scans are not clear and he cannot tell from them the exact details of this tumor. The Mayo also has a different chemo formula that they have found to be effective on this type of cancer. I was not getting this option from the first oncologist that I saw. This chemo mix is known to actually shrink the cancer tumor. I was told before that this was not possible. I was also told that even if the tumor did shrink that surgery was not an option. The oncologist at the Mayo said that was wrong too. He's expecting the cancer tumor to shrink and making surgery easier to do.

What this means is there is now a silver of hope where I had none before. I'm still half way through the process of getting my second opinion. But I already have one viable chemo treatment option that I will be starting ASAP. This is critical to start. I already have a chemo port installed in my chest. Google it if you don't know that that is.

As they say in Monty Python "I'm not dead yet!"