Get Your Beta Here! ColdFusion 2018 Beta!

Adobe has announced the Public Beta of Adobe ColdFusion 2018 is now available. This release brings an all new Performance Monitoring Toolset that is available with both the Standard and Enterprise versions (So I've been told). There's plenty of language improvements and updates and a new Public Beta of ColdFusion Builder 2018. Hurry up while supplies last!

There a large number of changes including an all new ColdFusion Administrator. Here's a partial list of new things according to Adobe:

  1. ColdFusion (2018 release) has a new User Interface. The new interface is based on a tiled interface. We have also enriched the search experience on the Administrator portal.
  2. We have removed Server Monitor. We have introduced a tool called Performance Monitoring Toolset, which is more intuitive, includes more features, and provides better visibility of your application's performance.
  3. We have made significant improvements to the core language features. Here is a brief list of the changes:
    1. Introduced NULL support
    2. Introduced closures in tags
    3. Introduced Asynchronous programming using Future
    4. Enhanced Object-Oriented Programming with the following:
      1. Abstract components and methods
      2. Final component, method, and variable
      3. Default functions in interfaces
      4. Covariance
    5. Semi-colons are now optional in a cfscript code
    6. Introduced named parameters in functions
    7. Introduced slicing in arrays
    8. New operator support using name-spaces for java, webservices, dotnet com, corba, and cfc
    9. Introduced support for typed arrays
    10. Introduced string literals and support for numeric member functions
    11. Introduced negative indices support for arrays
    12. New functions- ArrayFirst, Arraylast, QueryDeleteColumn, and QueryDeleteRow
  4. Enhanced CLI and introduced REPL.
  5. Introduced REST Playground application for testing your REST APIs.
  6. Added support for REST PATCH verb.
  7. Filter fields from JSON request.
  8. Enhance performance through Caching with the newly added engines:
    1. Memcached
    2. JCS
    3. Redis
    4. Using a custom cache plugin
  9. New Admin APIs to support the caching engines
  10. Hibernate upgraded to ver 5.2
  11. New configuration settings in wsconfig tool
  12. Updates to ColdFusion Builder.

This is a huge update! Get it while it's hot!

OS X Mountain Lion Launches Today

According to an article on Mac Rumors Apple is releasing OS X Mountain Lion today! I don't see it in the App Store yet.

I bring this up because of Adobe and their complete inability to bring current software to the latest OS X version. Will ColdFusion 10 run on Mountain Lion? Why would I expect it to? Adobe could not be bothered to get ColdFusion 9 working correctly on OS X Lion. Most of the work I do is for client on ColdFusion 9 and even ColdFusion 8. Thus upgrading my OS to take advantage of new features and software is always held back by Adobe. Will we have to wait for ColdFusion 11 as Adobe told us to wait for ColdFusion 10 if we wanted to run on OS X Lion.

How about ColdFusion Builder? Will this run on OS X Mountain Lion? This OS version has been in the works for a while and was announced many months ago. Yet Adobe is silent about their products.

The Roaring Apps website is doing a great job in getting user reports on what works with Lion and Mountain Lion. Not many Adobe products showing up as working.

Either I give up my Mac or I give up Adobe. Sorry Adobe, you're losing!

Adobe we are waiting for you to do something, anything correctly.

ColdFusion Builder 2 Update 1 Beta (Twister) Installation

I just had the most wonderful experience with ColdFusion Builder 2 Update 1 Beta (officially 2.0.1 according to the About window). Recently I have been testing the new public beta on both my Mac and on Windows 7. I do 99% of my development work from my Mac and I need this for work no questions asked. One of the caveats with this new update is that is will not install along side ColdFusion Builder 2. It's an update after all so that makes sense. But you can have ColdFusion Builder 2 installed as a Standalone install and then install this update as a plugin to Eclipse on the same machine. This is how I did my initial testing and dutifully filed my bug reports. However, I wasn't going to replace ColdFusion Builder 2 with this beta just yet. I need to get paid! I can't afford down time.

Today (a lazy hanged over Saturday) I decided that I was ready to make the switch. I uninstalled the plugin version of the update, then uninstalled my trusty ColdFusion Builder 2. The installation notes I have claims that ColdFusion Builder 2 Update 1 can (and really should) use your existing workspace and it should keep your plugins installed from your previous ColdFusion Builder 2.

I am elated to report that this worked as advertised! Upon launching ColdFusion Builder 2.0.1 Beta I saw my previously opened files still opened. All my custom arrangement of tabs, windows etc still where I left them and my Subversive plugin was still there, in tact and still have my two dozen plus SVN Repository entries!

So from now on all my coding is going to be in Twister! Maybe this will grant me an excuse for my twisted codes! I do expect to run into issues, there are already known issues that the documentation points out and there are a few bugs. But then again this is still BETA ( Buggy Erratic Temperamental Application).

Many thanks to the Adobe ColdFusion Developer Team!

ColdFusion Builder Team Blog (
ColdFusion Team Blog (

ColdFusion Builder 2.0.1 Twister Public Beta

Hurry Hurry Step Right Up! ColdFusion Builder 2.0.1 Twister Public Beta has been released.

A few of the new features


  • Enhanced importing of large projects containing application.cfc.
  • Improved Code Assist efficiency with large projects.
  • Improved efficiency of the editor

Other Enhancements

  • Support for new tags and functionalities of ColdFusion 10
  • Improved Server manager to work with built-in Tomcat server
  • Eclipse 3.7 upgrade to leverage the latest functionalities

Get it at the Adobe Labs.

ColdFusion 9 on OS X Lion

The Lion Shipped Last Night, or this morning. Today we'll see if it Roars! I am downloading and installing OS X Lion on my older Mac Book Pro. I have ColdFusion 9 Developer edition as well as the rest of my developer tools on there. I plan to use the MBP as the guinea pig and if that works fine then to my main system, a much newer iMac. I'll update this post with details as I have them.

The Install Process

FIRST RUN YOUR SOFTWARE UPDATES! New updates came out for Snow Leopard in the past few days including and update to the Migration Assistant. Next, go the the App store. Lion if featured on the home page. Purchase Lion for $29 and wait while it downloads and installs. This is what's happening right now on the MBP. I hope everyone has a fast internet connection. This is 3.49GB.

The Results

So far I am running into an issue getting CF 9 server started. I don't have time right now to debug.

ColdFusion Builder 2 is running. This was installed already when I did the updated to Lion.

Flash Builder 4.5 is hanged in the install process. I hadn't installed it yet and it seems to be not working. The first issues was it could not communicate with Adobe to verify my Adobe ID. I don't have time to debug this either right now.

JRun is running, but I can't control starting or stopping of ColdFusion from CFBuilder or the ColdFusion Launcher. If I kill JRun then use the ColdFusion Launcher, I get the message "Server 'cfusion' failed to start." I'm not seeing anything in the logs indicating why it failed. I'm wondering if the connector to Apache is an issue. I remember that I had to redo that for ColdFusion 8 when I upgraded to Snow Leopard. Otherwise I'll reinstall ColdFusion 9 and see what happens.

  • Flash Builder 4.5 did install finally
  • ColdFusion Builder 2 is running.

There had to be something else wrong with my previous install. maybe I had the wrong connector or installed previously. I am not sure. This is a 3+ year old MacBook Pro that had Leopard installed originally and has had two OS upgrades since. None of these upgrades have been fresh clean installs. Plus ColdFusion 8 prior and now ColdFusion 9. So, I decided to uninstall ColdFusion and reinstall. That only took 5 minutes and now ColdFusion 9 is up and running. The good news about doing this way is we now know the installer works on Lion. Maybe this weekend I'll upgrade my iMac which is much newer and has not had so many previous upgrades. I'm feeling better about OS X Lion now.

Well, I tried to install the ColdFusion 9.0.1 update. That failed. I'm having all the same issues I had when I originally upgraded to OS X Lion. I usually stay up-to-date on these updates and hot fixes so I'm guess this may have been the issue all along. I'm posting the items from log files that may point to a clue. I'm not sure what the problem is at the moment.

view plain print about
1Apache error.log
2[Fri Jul 22 12:01:47 2011] [notice] jrApache[136: 59841] Couldn't initialize from remote server, JRun server(s) probably down.
3[Fri Jul 22 12:01:47 2011] [notice] jrApache[136: 59841] JRun will not accept request. Check JRun web server configuration and JRun mappings on JRun server.
707/22 12:02:08 info No JDBC data sources have been configured for this server (see jrun-resources.xml)
807/22 12:02:08 info JRun Web Server listening on *:8300
907/22 12:02:08 info JRun Proxy Server listening on *:51020
1007/22 12:02:08 info Deploying enterprise application "cfusion-ear" from: file:/Applications/JRun4/servers/cfusion/cfusion-ear/
1107/22 12:02:08 info Deploying web application "Adobe ColdFusion 9" from: file:/Applications/JRun4/servers/cfusion/cfusion-ear/
1207/22 12:02:09 user JSPServlet: init
1307/22 12:02:10 user ColdFusionStartUpServlet: init
1407/22 12:02:10 user ColdFusionStartUpServlet: ColdFusion: Starting application services
1507/22 12:02:10 user ColdFusionStartUpServlet: ColdFusion: VM version = 20.1-b02-383

A huge thanks to Marcin Szczepanski - see his comment below.

I could confirm his findings on my installation also. The new jpedal.jar is different. There are class files in the old one that are not in the new one. By replacing the new jpedal.jar file with the old one, ColdFusion 9.0.1 is up and running. Considering this was part of the update for 9.0.1 I wonder what else will break because of using the old file?

Another ColdFusion Builder 2 bug fixed

I am just getting fully into code for today with the ColdFusion Builder 2 HotFix 1 applied. I had to edit some JavaScript and I noticed that it appears another bug was fixed that wasn't documented in the HotFix documentation. It used to be that when editing JavaScript files "name.js" that if JavaDoc style comments were used the syntax coloring would break. Now it's working. Can anyone else confirm this?

This had been reported as bug # 2824457 to Adobe back in March of 2011 and attributed as a "third-party" issue.

view plain print about
2 * File name: myJsFile.js
3 * Date: 07/19/2011
4 *
5 * @param int
6 * This function does something
7 *
8 */

9 function testMeNow(myInt) {
10 if (myint == 0) {
11 alert("Too Small");
12 } else {
13 alert("too big");
14 }

ColdFusion Builder 2 Hotfix 1

Adobe released the ColdFusion Builder 2 HotFix 1 today. Three bugs have been fix related to searching files.

2918913 If you select multiple files in the navigator and perform search, ColdFusion Builder Search scope does not display the option Selected Resources.

2918906 If you select multiple files or folders and perform search, ColdFusion Builder Search does not provide the option to specify file extensions to narrow down the search.

2918920 At times, ColdFusion Builder Search becomes unresponsive if you perform search on large number of files.

Hopefully this is a sign that Adobe will be releasing HotFixes more often than was done with ColdFusion builder 1, because there are still more bugs to be resolved.

ColdFusion Builder 2 and the Subversive Plugin

One of the first things you may need to do after installing ColdFusion Builder (or Flash Builder) in setup SVN. My personal preference is the Subversive Plugin. Prior to importing any projects I recommend installing the Subversive plug in and getting it setup with an SVN connector. Doing this first will make importing any existing previous version CFBuilder projects or existing SVN Checkouts much easier to import and get re-connected.

I am blogging this because the great Ray Camden, the ColdFusionJedi, was tweeting for help today with this subject and the Subversive plugin. This is what we figured out. Not all SVN Connectors are equal, use SVNKit. Below is how to install Subversive and the SVNKit connector and why you should choose this connector.

You need to install the plugin first. On the Standalone version of ColdFusion Builder do the following:


SVN Clients For OS X

I do a lot of work with version control on the Mac. Typically I only use the Subversive plug-in for ColdFusion Builder or Eclipse. However some clients of ours at CFWebtools are using Versions , so I had to install and learn Versions to help them out. The download and install is typical "Mac easy". However, I find the way Versions works is a bit more confusing than it should be. Also, unless I am not seeing them, Versions only has a subset of the SVN commands. I am not seeing merging, branching and tagging. I don't know how you're supposed to merge branches and tag using Versions. To me this is a severe shortcoming.

Also I found the UI to be confusing. Repository Bookmarks? What are those? I've never heard bookmarks used in terms of SVN with exception to how tags are sometimes explained. When you look at the top level in the Bookmarks pane you get the view of the server. In other SVN clients this is called the Repository Browser mode. In the subfolder level of the Bookmarks pane you see the code checkouts. I can see how is it very easy to get the two views, which are blended together into the same window, confused. As far as functionality goes, I can checkout, commit, update and view differences etc. However I cannot merge two branches or merge a branch back into the trunk. I can checkout the trunk and a branch for the same repository at the same time and see them both but I can't do a merge. If this was a freeware product I suppose it would be acceptable that wasn't full-featured but this is commercial-ware and as I see it, it's missing critical features.

So I started downloading other SVN standalone clients. There is RapidSVN and SmartSVN that I found and they both looked like they have a decent UI to work with. First I tried RapidSVN and it required Rosetta to install so I said "the heck with it", and deleted it. SmartSVN did install and what struck me was it had a more intuitive interface than Versions. The first thing it did was to ask if I wanted to connect to an existing check out of code. Not, ask if I wanted to create a new Repository Bookmark. Of course I did, I have code for about a dozen projects checked out. I also found that SmartSVN has a more complete set of version control commands, including merging and branching and tagging. Also the UI does not try to blend or hide the difference between the repository browser and your local check out. If I need to browse the repository it does so in a new window just like every other SVN client I've used on Windows and Mac.

SmartSVN clearly, without any customization, identifies changed files. And I believe the default sort order was by changed files on top but don't remember if I change that right away or not. It is very easy to change the way you sort your files with SmartSVN. I found that the ignore feature works like other advanced SVN clients and lets me set wildcard patterns. This is something that I noticed I could not do in Versions.

Overall the look the feel and the flow of usage of SmartSVN was very intuitive and useful. If I needed to use a standalone SVN client I would definitely purchase SmartSVN even though the price tag is a bit hefty at $80. Which is why I prefer using the Subversive plug-in for ColdFusion Builder.

Of course OS X already has command line SVN commands available at your fingertips if you so choose to use them. Enjoy!

*** UPDATE ***
Cornerstone was mentioned in the comments below, so I downloaded and tested. My quick 5 minute review is positive. Multiple SVN repositories, clear delineation between repo view and check out view. Most SVN commands available on right click (had to hunt around to find ignore). Branching is as easy as it is in Subversive. And the price is better than SmartSVN. +1 for Cornerstone.

RegEx and ColdFusion Builder Helps Upgrade Old CFML Code

This is just a short note about how to use RegEx in ColdFusion Builder to help with code migration. Today I am working with an old ColdFusion 4.5 site and I'm putting it on CF8. At CFWebtools, we believe in helping ColdFusion stay ColdFusion by upgrading to newer versions! The good news is there are no C++ CFX tags to worry about. However, there is a lot of code using the deprecated "ParameterExists()" function. This should be updated to isDefined("...").


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