Many people have been using CFEclipse for several years now and are now migrating to ColdFusion Builder. Since both are Eclipse based products this is pretty simple, but there are a few things that will not migrate without manual intervention.

First start with installing ColdFusion Builder. (See this.)

Next lets import your CFEclipse Projects. You can do this and it is easy since it is really an Eclipse feature not specific to any add-ons. Right click in the Navigator view and choose "Import". The windows that opens give you many options for what to import. You are going to click and expand the "General" folder and then choose "Existing Projects into a Workspace" and click the Next Button.

If you are using an SVN and you plan to use an Eclipse SVN plug-in in ColdFusion Builder install that plug in before importing your projects, the import process will automatically reconnect the imported projects to your SVN(s). You will also want to configure the SVN plug-in to access all repositories before you run the imports.

The new window asks for the Root Directory of the project you want to import. You may also choose the directory that all of your projects are located in such as your CFEclipse workspace folder or local dev web root folder (if you do things that way) and import more than one at a time. Select the project(s) you want to import then click Finish. Congratulations you just imported your CFEclipse Project(s) into ColdFusion Builder.

But wait, there's more!

If you've been using CFEclipse with a large number of projects or work on very large projects there's a good change you use Working Sets and Bookmarks. You will quickly notice those did not come along with the import. All is lost now right? No! We can manually get your Working sets and Bookmarks into ColdFusion Builder.

First Close ColdFusion Builder. Then using Windows Explorer, or your favorite better file explorer tool, (there are a bit different instructions for the Mac since by default folder beginning with a "." are hidden. Use the terminal and copy the following files mentioned below via command line or use a program that lets you un-hide "." folders and then use Finder) and open up the Workspace folder for both your CFEclipse workspace and ColdFusion Builder workspace. Typically I use Beyond Compare since it will let me see both simultaneously and let me compare the contents. Navigate both views to

view plain print about

You will see a file called "workingsets.xml". In both, copy the file from your CFEclipse workspace into your ColdFusion Builder workspace. Now you have your working sets back.

To get your bookmarks is a little more work, navigate both views to:

view plain print about

Here you will see your projects listed. Inside the folders for projects that have Bookmarks you will find a file called ".markers". Copy this file from your CFEclipse side into the ColdFusion Builder side. Do this for each project that has Bookmarks. Now when you restart ColdFusion Builder you should have your CFEClipse Working Sets and Bookmarks migrated over.

I hope this will help you with the process of migrating to ColdFusion Builder from CFEclipse.