There's been a lot of talk on the House of Fusion forums the past few days about ColdFusion Builder and is it worth the cost. Part of the answer I gave basically said if it helps you do your job more efficiently then yes. Well, here is just one more feature that ColdFusion Builder has that helps me do my job. 

How often do you have to view your ColdFusion log files? While I'm pounding out code and testing against my local CF Dev server I sometimes need to peek at the exception log to see what the heck was that error really.  ColdFusion Builder has the ability to 'Tail' log files. Not just ColdFusion's either. You can point to any log file that you have access to such as your web server logs. The default view of any log file is dismal, daunting or overwhelming. Even in tail view it's ugly. At least until I did some poking around and found that I can define custom colors per line based on string matchings.  For example any line that has the text "Error" can be defined to be bold and red. When sifting through a large log file having the "Error" lines pop out at you is useful. I can fast scroll and only stop when I see red. So I setup several rules; “Warning” lines are Yellow, ColdFusion server Stopping is red, Starting is blue, and so on.  An even better feature I found after I setup my primary workstation was that the color pallet settings can be exported and imported. Excellent! So attached to this blog post is a zip file with my exported color code settings for ColdFusion log files.
Now that you're all excited about viewing log files in color, let me tell you how to do this. There are a couple ways to get to the TailView window. For now just use the Window Menu → Views → TailView. This will open the TailView window. Feel free to position the window where you like within CFBuilder.  Now add a log file. Right Click in the TailView window and select “Add”. Navigate to the log file you want to view.  Something like Jrun4/servers/cfusion/cfusion-ear/cfusion-war-WEB-INF/cfusion/logs/application.log is fairly common in many development installs. Then click Open. Now you can see the last lines of the log file. Tail View always shows the last n lines of the file. I can scroll back a few hundred lines I think.  Anyways, ugly isn't it? Now click on the Color Wheel icon in the TailView window. This will open a window that lets you customize the color settings. There are already default settings for Apache and Jaxer, but nothing for ColdFusion. (Adobe, take note, use my export file and let us view logs in color by default.) You can take the time to experiment and set your own colors or you can click the Import button and import the .col file from this blog entry. Once imported and saved your log file should be colorful. Seeing all red? Yup, you too have errors, don't blame me, just be happy you can see them clearly now. 
This is just one more way that ColdFusion Builder makes my life easier. And NO, Adobe doesn't pay me or give me anything.