I've spent most of my career programming for individual companies on a rather long-term basis. I've averaged about five years per company and in the web programming business that's fairly long-term. However, last year employment life changed for me when my previous job went away in May. From May until the end of the year I was simultaneously job hunting like crazy and working every contract gig I can find. I would do any contract of any term length; one month, one week, one day or even a couple hours. If they wrote me a check I'd work. It was a rather stressful summer but I was far happier than when I was working at my previous job.

My ColdFusion programming friends around town would ask every now and then ask ”Hey will what are you up to these days? Find a job yet?” All I could say was I'm working on this or that short contract and I don't know when or what the next one will be. 

Well, all of that has changed. As suddenly as my previous job went away, a new job opportunity presented itself. Since about the middle of December I've been secretly working for CF Webtools. And by secretly I mean I haven't told anyone in town, I didn't want to jinx the situation. CF Webtools is an Omaha, Nebraska-based company that's crazy enough to let me work from home in St. Paul Minnesota. Their slogan is "You dream it... we build it..." and that seems pretty true based on some of their client sites I've seen. The owner, Mark Kruger, a.k.a. ColdFusion Muse, (and as far as I know no relation to Freddy) is a really cool guy to work for even if he's an old dude like me. Somehow he's managed to assemble a team of senior level ColdFusion programmers that mostly reside in Omaha, Nebraska. Recently he's been hiring a few of us who work remotely. Which is great for me because now I have a really cool job again with a killer commute. I am doing new and old CF code, Linux systems administration and what ever else they throw me into. Someday I will have to visit Omaha.

Other News

Another great development is that I now have a 27" iMac. It's what I had wanted for the past few years. This really works great for programming. I love the huge screen! Even if I still need a decent way to connect to the occasional MS SQL server without a remote desktop connection to my old PC (which has been relegated to the basement in a corner with an network connection). Navicat Premium rocks, but it's $500! Does anyone know of anything else that is less expensive?

Yesterday and part of today this blog and all the other websites and email I host were offline. Sorry about that if you wanted to read something. I was switching ISP's so I could get much faster internet access. This switch meant getting a new block of IP addresses and re-configuring all my servers and updating about 40 domains. Yuk. I now have 12Mbps DSL but most importantly is it's also 5Mbps upload which means this and the other sites I host are delivered faster than ever before. 

- Later