I've had to help a couple companies just recently deal with the issue that the most recent Security Hotfix | ColdFusion 8, 8.0.1, 9, 9.0.1 for ColdFusion breaks ColdFusion.

This is something I confirmed myself and also figured out why and what to do when the patch fails. Hopefully most will see this blog post and my other one about this and get patched in the proper order to prevent this issue.

The reason it fails is that the latest Security Update requires Hot Fix 4. This is not documented in the tech notes for the Security Update. You'll know it failed when you see this error coldfusion/runtime/QueryTableWrapper. To quickly fix this replace cfmx_bootstrap.jar with the one found in Hot Fix 4. A better idea is to fully and properly patch your ColdFusion server.

Please read here for more details.

UPDATE Let me clarify, I am only referring to ColdFusion version 8.0.1. I have not seen this issue with nor tested for this issue in other ColdFusion versions.