When I brought ColdFusionBloggers.og back to life, several of us were discussing the service on the CFML Slack channel. One of the many things that was mentioned was that some blogs these days are static and don't have a 'ping' service to ping an aggregator. That led to the venerable Sean Corfield mentioning that he does not read a blog post if he does not see it on his Twitter feed. I suspect others get their updates this was as well. I'm still 'old school' I guess because I still use and online news reader. I don't have a solution yet for those static blogs, but I'm percolating thoughts on that. However, during the process of resurrecting ColdFusionBloggers.og I noticed that at one time there was a Twitter account for @CFBloggers. I checked with Ray Camden and luckily he was able to remember the credentials for this account and passed those on to me.

The current iteration of ColdFusionBloggers.og is coded in Node.js. I've been learning what I can about Node as fast as I can. This past weekend started the process with Twitter to get my API tokens. While waiting on those I learned what I needed to get Node to send a Tweet. Today I received the Twitter API access tokens and this evening I was able to debug my hacked up Node code. The first tweet was sent! WooHoo! I think this is all working.

The short story is all new blog posts aggregated by ColdFusionBloggers.og will now be tweeted in real time. This being the first blog post to tweet. Cheers!

I hope this is the first of many changes for ColdFusionBloggers.og. Contact me to have your ColdFusion related blog added to the feed.