Thanks Alagad

The wonderful folks at Alagad had a promotional give away of three Wenger SwissGear backpacks to help promote TaskForce at CF.Objective(). I won one of them! WooWoo! Thanks Alagad!

CFUnited Voting for Topics Ending Today

This is another shameless plug by someone wanting to be a speaker at CFUnited. In case you haven't been following #CFUnited on Twitter voting for CFUnited topics ends today February 12. I have submitted my Homebrewed ColdFusion Monitoring presentation as a topic. If I get enough votes I will teach you how to write your own ColdFusion based monitoring tools so you can monitor your ColdFusion servers. So head on over to the CFUnited website and cast your votes I hope to see you there.


** UPDATE **

Vote has been extended to February 20th - so get over there and vote...  for me ;-)

Homebrewed ColdFusion Monitor Presentation Files

Recently I presented Homebrewed ColdFusion Monitoring to the Twin Cities CFUG and to the Online ColdFusion Meetup.  Both presentations went well and I've been asked to post my slides and example code. 

Attached to this post is a zip file that contains a PDF version of my slides and the example code plus the CFC I'm using to make a full featured monitoring application.  Please note that the code is for CF9 Enterprise.  There may be some things that won't work in earlier versions of CF or the standard edition of CF.
The recording for my live presentation is at
Enjoy and watch RIAForge.  I am planning to release this application to the ColdFusion Community for collaborative development.
Thank you to all that attended the presentations and for your wonderful feedback.

*UPDATE* - I just uploaded a new zip file with corrected code that actually works this time.

*Note: When I write little tools like this I'm usually writing it because there is something I absolutely need to see in order to complete another project. These little tools are not written as projects themselves and therefore may not be very pretty or as full featured as something that I was writing as a complete project. I just needed to get some code running that gave me back the data I needed to see. There are no warranties or promises. If you find is useful then great. If not, oh well. I know the code works on CF8 at the moment. It used to work on CF7, but I do not have a CF7 server anymore so I can not be certain.

Homebrewed ColdFusion Monitoring at the Online ColdFusion Meetup

I am excited to announce that I've been invited to speak on December 10th at 6pm CST about writing your own ColdFusion monitoring tools at the Online ColdFusion Meetup that is run by Charlie Arehart.  Below is part of the announcement and links to the Meetup site and meeting URL.  If you missed the presentation I gave at the TwinCites CFUG or just want to see it again, please join us for this Meetup.

Thank you,


What: "Homebrewed ColdFusion Monitoring ", with Wil Genovese
WHEN: Thurs. Dec 10, 6:00pm US ET (UTC/GMT-5)
DURATION: Approx. 1 hour
Meeting will be recorded. URL will be posted after meeting at
What time is the meeting in your timezone? (shows the time as US ET, and you can choose your city from the list offered to see what time that is in your own timezone)


Homebrewed ColdFusion Monitor at Twin Cities CFUG

Sitting at Chris & Rob's Chicago's Taste Authority in St. Paul, MN sipping a Goose Island 312 wheat beer, eating a couple of Chicago dogs and preparing my presentation for Homebrewed ColdFusion Monitoring.  I am happy to say the Twin Cities ColdFusion User Group ( has asked me to talk about the ColdFusion Monitoring tools I've written and use at work. I've just accepted their invitation to present and I hope to see you there.

I will be updating these tools for ColdFusion 9 and I hope to have a basic standalone app ready to go by the time I give my presentation.  (The version I wrote for work is custom for our servers and not portable.)

The Twin Cities CFUG meets the first Wednesday of every month. This meeting will be on November 4th at 6:30 pm with pizza and socializing at 6:00pm.

See you there!

My MacBook Pro battery life is shrinking

This is perplexing me.  My MBP is less than 1 year old (11 months) and it just started having really a short battery life this week.  This happened suddenly.  Last week I could go several hours.  This week the batteries life is sucked out of it in about an hour or less.

I have a 15.4" MBP that I bought new last February.  I use it every day for programming and internet.  The battery has 121 cycles on it which isn't that many according to Apple.  I do have the Apple Care Package and I may be talking to them before the 1 year mark.  

I normally run plugged it and only use the battery on rare occasions.  I may run on battery a few times a month.  This week, while in a meeting at work, I watched the battery die in about an hour.  This has never happened before.

I just started a life test battery drain down.  I'm timing in 5 minute intervals the battery life remaining while it sits idle running on battery.


New blog skin

I got tired of having an ugly blog and I am absolutely NOT a designer.  So I dug around looking for free blog skins and finally found the one I liked best.  Clean, simple and easy to implement with blogCFC.  It's called Nautica 2.2 Liquid [here].  The photo I used in the header is one my wife shot of the new I-35W bridge that spans the Mississippi river in Minneapolis, MN and replaces the one that collapsed (almost on me) back in 2007.  I'll have to have her get me high-res version of that photo so I can rid of the grain.  You can see the full size bridge photos here.

I still have design elements I want to try, but I'll have to do them another day.  It's 3:15am and my alarm goes off at 6am. Yuk.

Well, at least I won't have the ugliest blog on the net any more.  Now I can get back to ColdFusion coding and not be embarrassed by my ugly blog.


Update: Note to self, never write a blog post at 3 in the morning.  Spelling errors!

Update: 3 Days later I looked at my blog with IE.  I HATE IE!  Back to the CSS to compensate for the weakest link.

Update: I finally have it 'good enough' in IE. 

Who What and Why

Who What and Why

Every blog needs a first post. Well here's mine. I hope to answer those questions and a few others to help you understand what or why I am blogging. And it will help me understand why I am doing this. I hope.

My name is Wil Genovese and I've been using CFML since 1998. There, now I've confessed. I started with the web in 1996, but I started programming in 1984 and had been BBSing since 1992. I started using Homesite 1.5 in 1996 and I actually paid Nick Bradbury $25 dollars for version 2.0. I became active on Nick's Homesite support forums and continued on the forums when Allaire bought Homesite and hired Nick. I was invited to be member of Team Allaire in 1997 or 1998. I can't remember which. Around summer of 1998 I started learning ColdFusion 3.0. By December of 1998 I had my first ColdFusion job and I've been coding CFML ever since. Almost, there was a year of PHP when a former employer switched over. I am now a Sr. Web Application Programmer. My side skills include Linux systems administration and DB skills relating to PostgreSQL server. I run my own servers from my home which is where this blog and the rest of my websites, email, DB, file, DNS and svn servers are located. Why do I do that? Because it's fun! What else do you expect from geek.

So, what your seeing is BlogCFC running on Bluedragon JX on Centos 4.6 BlueDragon JX 64Bit on 64Bit Centos 5.2 connected to PostgreSQL 8.3 on 64 bit Centos 5.2.  It took very little work to modify BlogCFC to run against PostgreSQL.  I have the sql script for PostgreSQL and the modified blog.cfc if anyone wants.

My wife and I are also the owners of Christian Music Entertainment Group, LLC and I code and host We intend to provide a retail store for independent Christian artists. Unfortunately my day job keeps me too busy to do much work on the Christianmp3 websites.


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