Adobe ColdFusion Builder Beta 3 Released

Adobe Labs has released ColdFusion Builder Public Beta 3.  One of the first things you will notice is they upgraded the code version of Eclipse to 3.5.1 Galileo.  For me this was good news since in my normal Eclipse build I’ve switched from the Subclipse plug-in to Subversive which is now part of the Eclipse project, as my SVN client. All you need to do is add the Galileo Update Site ( Then select Collaboration --> Subversive SVN Team Provider.  You can also choose to select the Subversive SVN Integration for the Mylyn Project at the same time.

If you read the docs, and I really suggest you do, you will notice Adobe also added full AIR development support.

I’ve also noticed a fair amount of improvement in the startup time on both my Mac and my pathetic Windows computer at work.

Also new in Beta 3 is the Adobe Community Help AIR application Beta.  Select Help --> ColdFusion Builder Help to launch the AIR application.  In addition to being able to search the local help documents it appears this is an AIR application that is a proxy to Adobe LiveDocs and ColdFusion Blogs that are aggregated via Adobe Feeds ( including my blog.  The search interface automatically brings up related content from the Adobe help docs and blogs. This makes it much easier to search on a general topic rather than just searching for various CF tags or functions.

So far Beta 3 is looking pretty good. There are still bugs and you can report the bugs you find using the public bug tracker

That's all for now.

Homebrewed ColdFusion Monitor Presentation Files

Recently I presented Homebrewed ColdFusion Monitoring to the Twin Cities CFUG and to the Online ColdFusion Meetup.  Both presentations went well and I've been asked to post my slides and example code. 

Attached to this post is a zip file that contains a PDF version of my slides and the example code plus the CFC I'm using to make a full featured monitoring application.  Please note that the code is for CF9 Enterprise.  There may be some things that won't work in earlier versions of CF or the standard edition of CF.
The recording for my live presentation is at
Enjoy and watch RIAForge.  I am planning to release this application to the ColdFusion Community for collaborative development.
Thank you to all that attended the presentations and for your wonderful feedback.

*UPDATE* - I just uploaded a new zip file with corrected code that actually works this time.

*Note: When I write little tools like this I'm usually writing it because there is something I absolutely need to see in order to complete another project. These little tools are not written as projects themselves and therefore may not be very pretty or as full featured as something that I was writing as a complete project. I just needed to get some code running that gave me back the data I needed to see. There are no warranties or promises. If you find is useful then great. If not, oh well. I know the code works on CF8 at the moment. It used to work on CF7, but I do not have a CF7 server anymore so I can not be certain.

Homebrewed ColdFusion Monitoring at the Online ColdFusion Meetup

I am excited to announce that I've been invited to speak on December 10th at 6pm CST about writing your own ColdFusion monitoring tools at the Online ColdFusion Meetup that is run by Charlie Arehart.  Below is part of the announcement and links to the Meetup site and meeting URL.  If you missed the presentation I gave at the TwinCites CFUG or just want to see it again, please join us for this Meetup.

Thank you,


What: "Homebrewed ColdFusion Monitoring ", with Wil Genovese
WHEN: Thurs. Dec 10, 6:00pm US ET (UTC/GMT-5)
DURATION: Approx. 1 hour
Meeting will be recorded. URL will be posted after meeting at
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