ColdFusion 10 Install bug IIS 7.5

The other day I was installing a new ColdFusion 10 server on Windows 2008 Server for one of our clients at CFWebtools. This is a "Standard" license install so during the setup I chose to configure "All Sites for IIS" and thats when I ran into this error "Cannot configure IIS connector. Enable the required options ASP.NET, ISAPI Extensions and ISAPI Filter in IIS 7.5 under Windows Features and try again." After checking the IIS 7.5 features I found that those IIS feature were in fact installed. I tried several times and continued to get the same error.

I had to research this issue and didn't find anyone talking about this error, thus this blog post. I found what I needed in the Adobe ColdFusion 10 install documentation. (When all else fails read the instructions?) The IIS 7.5 feature CGI also need to be enabled. Well hey, it would be nice if the error message mentioned that one too!

It turns out there is already a bug report filed for this and Adobe claims it is fixed. However, the problem does persist because Adobe needs to change the actual file that you download. A "patch" after the fact is pointless when trying to fix an installation bug. And this bug is really just an "Error Message" that is incomplete. Enabling CGI in IIS 7.5 allows you to complete the installation.

I hope this short post saves someone time and hassle.

Installing ColdFusion 10 on OS X Mountain Lion

So Adobe is late to the party again. Months after Apple released OS X 10.8 Adobe announced it would take 3 to 5 more months to get a compatible version of ColdFusion 10 on OSX 10.8. Myself and others have been critical of Adobe on this point and still 3 months later no new word on this from Adobe. I'm sorry Adobe, but to many of us this isn't an acceptable timeline. Until now I have not had the ability to just experiment and see if I could get it working properly. I use my primary computer (an iMac) for work. I didn't have time to to Adobe's job.

Now I have a shinny new out of the box MacBook Pro that is fresh and clean and ready for experimentation. Little did it know it was doomed to be a lab rat.

Unfortunately Apple like Microsoft has been dumbing down their operating systems to match the masses of users. I fear we're losing the education battle, but that is another topic. One of the changes Apple made was to remove Web Sharing from the Sharing section of System Preferences. This is now an OS X Server feature. If you upgraded from OS X Lion you still have this option in Sharing. Apache is still included and if you know what you are doing you can still use Apache. You can use a command line to start and stop Apache or if you want a section in System Preferences to start and stop Apache you can install this