uCertify ACE ColdFusion Exam PrepKit

First, I have to apologize to the fine people at uCertify, they sent me this offer to take the full ACE ColdFusion 9 practice test FOR FREE if I wrote a review. So far I have been remiss in even downloading and starting on the Prep Kit. Sorry UCertify, today I did download the full Prep Kit. Thank you for your patience and polite reminders.

I have received an offer (Back in December of 2011 - my bad for taking so long to get started on this) from uCertify to review their PrepKit and I have accepted that challenge and now I am reviewing Adobe 9A0-127 ColdFusion 9 PrepKit from uCertify. Initially it looks MASSIVE! There are study guides, practice tests additional study materials , progress trackers and more! This looks like everything needed to complete and "ace" the ACE test. As soon as I am done with the full review I will post it for you all. (Let that be soon!)

ColdFusion 10 Installation Notes

Now that ColdFusion 10 is officially released I wanted to update my previous blog post about ColdFusion 10 Installation. I completely uninstalled the beta versions and went to installing the official release. There were a couple changes that I noticed from the first public beta to the final release. One nice change was that requiring an insanely secure password for the Developer Edition has gone away. I do hope that with a serial number the strong password is still required.

The only other new installation item I saw was the new option for Enable Secure Profile. This installation option like you instantly choose between a local developer installation and a production installation. When you enable secure profile you are automatically disabling a few things by default, these are RDS, debugging, directory browsing and you have the option to limit ColdFusion Administrator access to one or more IP addresses. This is a really nice feature for someone that has to install production servers a regular basis. I hope this leads to more secure ColdFusion installations everywhere.


Get Your ColdFusion Downloads While They Last

Due to the Verity license expiring Adobe will quit offering some of the older versions of ColdFusion after May 31st, 2012. This Adobe ColdFusion Blog post covers the details including a new 9.0.2 version without Verity. Download what you think you'll need (or all of the versions) while you can.

ColdFusion 10 Released Today

Can you believe it? Adobe just release ColdFusion 10! I remember working with this fledgling "Cold Fusion" (was it version 2 or 3 back then?) server stuff back around 1997! Totally amazing that 15 years later ColdFusion 10 is here and getting stronger. And to think I had "Professors" in college at the time that were asking me "Why would anyone want to connect a database to a webpage and actually interact with it?" Now we know why!

Congratulations to the ColdFusion Developer Team for their great work on this release. ColdFusion 10 marks in my opinion a third new era or generation for ColdFusion as it moves onto the Tomcat platform. Initially ColdFusion was C++ code then in migrated to Java with JRUN so those were the first two generations. Now we move onto the Tomcat Java Servlet. This is great news!

What is 'Today' - It's after midnight on May15th when I got the notice from Adobe about the release.