ColdFusion 10 on OS X Mountain Lion, Eventually

Adobe just announced on September 22, 2012 that they are FINALLY going to support ColdFusion server on OSX again.

The support for ColdFusion 10 on Windows 8 and OSX Mountain Lion is coming. We will be releasing new installers to support these new platforms. While it is not possible to point out the release date for these installers at this time, the installers will be made available in the next 3-5 months time. - Adobe ColdFusion Blog

Seriously?!? In the next 3 to 5 months? You expect me and other OS X users to wait for 3 to 5 months to upgrade our OS to Mountain Lion? That is purely UNACCEPTABLE! Adobe you are trailing the pack again. Something they've gotten used to unless it's their pretty boy flagship product PhotoShop. Back on July 25th Apple released OSX Mountain Lion 10.8. I asked then if Adobe would actually support ColdFusion 10 on Mountain Lion. All I heard was crickets. Remember that Adobe threw in the towel on supporting ColdFusion 9 on OSX Lion 10.7.

By Rakshith - 1:45 PM on November 7, 2011 With our current focus on ColdFusion Zeus, we will not be fixing these issues at this point.

We will not be working towards supporting ColdFusion 9.0.1 on Lion. However, ColdFusion Zeus will be supported on OSX Lion.

ColdFusion 9.0.1 never fully worked on OSX Lion. Adobe first ignored the issue, then blamed us for having installed it wrong, then finally when myself and another blogger forced the issue and proved publicly where the problem was located they relented and admitted there was a problem. Adobe then released a "patch" but never asked those of us that found the problem to test the patch. Thus the patch was only a partial patch and failed. Then Adobe issued the statement above, not as a main entry on their blog but buried DEEP in the comments section in this blog post. Why would Adobe make that announcement like that? To hide the fact from the rest of the world that Adobe just doesn't care about developing for the Mac?

So officially we have not had a fully supported version of ColdFusion (any version) since July 20, 2011. Yes, ColdFusion 10 was released this past May, but seriously almost NO ONE is using it yet. So from Mid may until Mid July of 2012 Adobe can technically claim they supported OSX. That's pretty lame. Apple offeres developers the opportunity to have early access tot he next OS so developers can have their software ready to go on day one of the new OSX. Why is Adobe not doing this? I have no clue! Maybe Adobe should fire the developer team and bring development back to the United States and hire better developers. Again, I don't know. But I do know I am getting tired of Adobe trailing the pack and providing half baked solutions for OSX. Get a clue Adobe, OSX is on the rise! Especially among your customer base.

ColdFusion Job Opening: CF Webtools

CF Webtools just posted a job opening.

CF Webtools is looking for bright, talented, and motivated developers with high skill sets in ColdFusion, .NET and Mobile development (including IOS and Droid).

Adobe ColdFusion 10 Hotfix Installer

With the release of ColdFusion 10 came one new feature WE ALL have been asking Adobe to implement. This feature is the Hotfix installer and notifications. This is in the ColdFusion 10 Administrator under "Server Update" at the bottom of the left hand navigation menu. Yesterday I saw Adobe had released an update to ColdFusion 10. So today I decided to test the new Hotfix Installer. After launching my ColdFusion 10 Administrator I immediately saw in the upper right-hand corner and alert notifying me there was an update ready to download and install. So how does the installer work? During the alpha and beta testing with Adobe I never had a chance to test this feature. None of the alpha or beta updates were released in a way that could use the hot fix installer. So today is the first test I've ever done of Hotfix Installer.