In addition to my normal job which keeps me very busy I am working on several other personal 'side' projects.  These reflect my interests and hobbies and pretty much consume my spare time when it's cold outside.  One part of these hobbies is running my own servers.  I have purchased and installed my own servers at home for all my web hosting and email needs.  These servers have run various Linux flavors and or FreeBSD over the years.  Previously I bought refurbished rack mount servers in an effort to be ready for the day when I decide to purchase rack space.  Basically I had a small web hosting business in my basement with a few small clients and my own projects. Since then I've migrated these servers to AWS where I continue to offer hosting, but now on a much more robust platform than my basement.

In May of 2018 Ray Camden decided he no longer wanted to maintain the blog aggregator This great service curated many blogs about ColdFusion, CFML, and Lucee. In July of 2018 Ray handed over the domain, code, database etc to me and I took over the hosting of this service. Since taking over I've I have added Tweeting out the new blog posts as they are curated in hopes of making ColdFusion, CFML, and Lucee more noticed. Help support my costs by clicking on an ad or two. It costs you nothing.

This Blog

Then there is the writing I do for this blog.  I hopefully will continue to post about the stuff I've learned over the years relating to CF and servers.


Server Administration

This was a hobby and a necessity since I was the only IT person in several small companies. I've been doing server stuff since about 2001 and I find it challenging and highly rewarding. I've moved completely into systems administration and systems architect roles at the current company where I work.

This hobby has morphed into a career and has launched me into the world of AWS and becoming a AWS Solutions Architect among other roles. This continues my pattern of always taking the more challenging road. If it was simple, anyone and everyone would do it.

The learning never ends.