It's About Me!

Who What and Why

Every blog needs a first post. Well here's mine. I hope to answer those questions and a few others to help you understand what or why I am blogging. And it will help me understand why I am doing this. I hope.

My name is Wil Genovese and I've been using CFML since 1998. There, now I've confessed. I started with the web in 1996, but I started programming in 1984 and had been BBSing since 1992. I started using Homesite 1.5 in 1996 and I actually paid Nick Bradbury $25 dollars for version 2.0. I became active on Nick's Homesite support forums and continued on the forums when Allaire bought Homesite and hired Nick. I was invited to be member of Team Allaire in 1997 or 1998. I can't remember which. Around summer of 1998 I started learning ColdFusion 3.0. By December of 1998 I had my first ColdFusion job and I've been coding CFML ever since. Almost, there was a year of PHP when a former employer switched over. I am now a Chief Systems Architect, I almost never write code anymore. My side skills include Linux systems administration and DB skills relating to PostgreSQL server. I run my own servers which is where this blog and the rest of my websites, email, DB, file, DNS and svn servers are located. Why do I do that? Because it's fun! What else do you expect from geek.

So, what your seeing is BlogCFC running on AWS Linux connected to PostgreSQL 9.n.n on AWS RDS; It took very little work to modify BlogCFC to run against PostgreSQL.  I have the sql script for PostgreSQL and the modified blog.cfc if anyone wants.

I think I intend to blog about the stuff I know including Security, Amazon AWS Services, ColdFusion, PostgreSQL, Linux, JVM tuning and my passion away from computers, motorcycles and Jeeps. How's that for being decisive?

I already alluded to the servers I'm running, I own and run them myself from my home.  My server setup is like this, I run Slackware on my oldest computer (PIII 550) Centos 5.x 64bit which runs my email and DNS servers via ISPConfig 3. All my servers are My newest servers are a pair of 1U rackmount IBM eServers running Centos 5.x 64 bit. These machines power ISPConfig 3, PostgreSQL and BlueDragon.  BTW: If you want a cheap but good rack mount server take a look at I bought my IBM's for less than $300 each with shipping. I also have a few computers running FreeBSD and a Sun UltraSparc E250 in storage (Anyone want to buy an old Sun?). Everything is now on Amazon AWS.

Given the skills needed to make all that work and the work I do for a living I think I have some skills and experience to share.

Speaking of work. I work a regular full time job. I don't do side work or consulting. I have almost always worked at young startup companies (employee number 3 at my first ColdFusion job). Having worked startups I've ridden more than my share of dot-bombs into the ground.

I don't know. And that answer may doom this effort before I get going. I suppose I could claim that I am doing this for fame and fortune. So far both have escaped me.

During the days of Allaire I was very active in the ColdFusion community.  As a Team Allaire member I spent many many hours on the forums helping people solve their problems or alpha and beta testing the next greatest versions of ColdFusion and Homesite.   I discovered a fair number of bugs in the beta's that most of you never had the pleasure of experiencing.  I was also one of the first people to utilize VTML in Homesite and helped create the first tag editors for the VTML tags.  Version 3.0 of Homesite actually credited me and Kevin Davis for contributing the tag editors.  That may have been the extent of my fame.  I think I was one of the first people to utilize the FuseBox 1.0 method of coding in PHP.  Both the PHP sites listed above were done in the FuseBox 1.0 style and were written in 2000 and 2001.

Then came the Macromedia years. I risk offending a few people here, but I really didn't like Macromedia. I felt they didn't know what to do with ColdFusion. I kept coding in CFML, but I dropped out of the ColdFusion Development Community. I had no desire to help Macromedia out in any way.

When Adobe bought up Macromedia I was worried at first, but within a week I realized it was a good thing. Adobe has long been the world leader in print media. They had been trying to break into the world of online media and had few successes.  They did have PDF, but not much else.  I knew right away that Adobe was going to use ColdFusion to become the world leader in online media.  With the release of ColdFusion 8 we saw that is exactly what Adobe intends to do.  This new direction for ColdFusion has left me feeling better and thus I have decided to slowly become more involved in the ColdFusion community.  I was amazed that a few people still recognized my name at the CF.Objective() 2008 conference, that was held a mile from my house in St. Paul, MN., what's that? Back in 2000 some news publication announced that there were about 2000 single dictionary words left that had not been bought up as a domain name. Trunkful was one of those words.  It was also one of the few dictionary words that seemed to have potential as a successful domain name so I bought it.  Eight years later and still no fortune the site mostly sat as a demo e-commerce site.  In May of 2008 I decided to do this blog.  If I dig into my old zip files I bet I can find the Access DB that has those dictionary words.  I wrote a whois script in ColdFusion and ran that list against a few times a week for the next few weeks and marked off the domains as they got bought up. Then suddenly they quit allowing automated checks against the Whois DB and they added this "TERMS OF USE: You are not authorized to access or query our Whois database through the use of electronic processes that are high-volume and automated except ....". I'm sure I wasn't the only one checking to see how long it took those dictionary words to be bought up.  To get around this I added a 10 second pause to my script.  So, in case you were ever wondering why internic added that clause, yeah that was me. I may have to dig up that DB and run it again to see if any are left.

So now I have posted my first post and I'm off like a heard of turtles. Maybe I'll post again.